Visual, website analytics designed to maximize your value to your clients.

Get the insights you need for all of your client's websites in one place.

We sound crazy--why not just use Google Analytics? Well, to be honest, we've tried and managing several clients across a single Google Analytics account gets cumbersome. We take the pain out of quickly getting the analytics you need for your clients and even packaging the website analytics reports that they're looking for.

No need for cookie banners and privacy policies on your clients' websites.

We've designed this analytics engine to be completely cookie-free, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and privacy-first. You'll get all of the data to make actionable improvements and suggestions for your clients' website marketing.

Ready to make your life easier providing strategic insights to your clients?

Quickly send packaged reports to your team, your clients, or as many people as you'd like.

We've taken the work out of getting the kinds of reports your clients are looking for with regards to their website performance. From the data we're packaging, you're able to diagnose weaknesses, identify strengths, and make actionable improvements to your clients' websites and businesses.

Combine with our other agency-focused tools for even more impact.

When combined with Mentioned By, CTAscore and CTAscore, you'll have a conversion-rate-optimizing agency tech stack under one dashboard to manage across all of your clients. Want to learn more? You should email us and we can set up time to chat.

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